A 500 year old treatment.

Western medicine now promotes the use of acupuncture having tested and discovered that it does beyond doubt improve many conditions through the use of scientific research.. This is the beginning of an exciting era in healthcare, the benefits of 500 years of Chinese knowledge & experience on your doorstep.

Positive Results – A recent client had a case of Scoliosis, because of the condition the client had severe lumbar pain, muscles were in spasm in the lower lumbar area. After two sessions she was completely pain free.

The ancient techniques of acupuncture helped to relieve inflammation and tension from around the spine thus relaxing the nerve roots. Allowing the nerves to relax ripple a message to the rest of the body so the muscles will by nature follow relaxing more and releasing the tension from the area.

During a treatment the needles are left in for approximately 20- 30 minutes, this is enough time to alter the condition of the body. As every case is individual and every complaint different, treatment times and combinations do vary.

On assessing the condition of the client we may choose to use several other points in the body to assist the healing process, diagnosis is important before deciding on the appropriate treatment plan to suit the needs of the patients symptoms.

Internal & external - In a case like the one above it is possible to resolve a physical issue and enhance the effect using specific points..

We are also reinforcing the liver and kidney energy to enhance the well being of the client who had a chronic shoulder problem and back pain..

By reducing inflammation, relieving tension from the muscles and relaxing the nerve roots we are approaching the issue from every angle. The immune system is enhanced so the general well being of the client is also improved.