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Help your staff maintain optimum health, to relieve normal tension and strains usually a 15 - 20 min session per employee is ample to check up and resolve most symptoms. Regular visits are usually enough to ensure your employees are in good health.

As a former Craftsman in the building trade I know what it is like to work through pain, after having a session of Tui Na you may be surprised how good you can feel and how much more you will achieve pain free having muscles and blockages released will result in increased energy levels and enhance mental attitude.

Below is a recent case study.

Scott Page

Health, Safety and Well-being Manager

Telephone number: 0131 557 7412

Mobile: 07407 730558

Email: spage@hsha.org.uk


As the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager for the Association I look into alternative ways to assist staff in considering their wellbeing. With this in mind we offer “Complementary therapies”, but it was suggested that we should try Tuina as well.

Tuina is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy which is performed whilst you are dressed. You will be required to lie on the bed in the first aid room and an extra cotton cloth is put over you whilst the therapy is carried out. Colin will brush, knead, roll/press and rub the areas between each of the joints of the back/ neck, but can also treat legs, arms and hands if wanted.

Colin now visits our office once a month and there have been very positive results for staff ie sciatica, back, neck & shoulder issues and general aches and pains having improved or cleared up altogether.

The staff who have used Colin’s services have benefited greatly in terms of their wellbeing and look forward to his visits.

I can personally say that I had a number of 20 minute treatments and noticed an improvement in my back movement, as he treated a couple of knots during the session. Directly after the treatment I felt really thirsty, but 30 minutes later, and after a bottle of water, I felt the difference. I would recommend this alternative treatment as an effective way to ensure our staff are in the best condition possible, above all more relaxed knowing there is someone there who can resolve any physical problems we may encounter and keeping us relaxed and flexible at work.