Tui Na

Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage is given fully clothed, preferably with thin cotton clothes. An extra cloth is used to cover the body while I work to resolve your issues.

Using the techniques I was taught and knowledge of different conditions, I am able to treat a wide range of problems.

Whiplash, frozen shoulder, back pain, acute lumbar strain, lumbar spasm/sprain, sciatica, stiff neck, sore shoulders, computer syndrome, tension headaches, migraines, dizziness, pins and needles, numb fingers, limited neck movement, stiff limbs, sinus problems (combined with ear candles), vertigo, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, hypertension, knee pain, lethargy, the list goes on.

Tui Na is an excellent way to relieve yourself of general stiffness or aches and pains also, very preventative as well as curative and deeply relaxing. People often report feeling much more relaxed, having a lot more energy afterwards.

Having a session of Tui Na now and then can improve your well being and prevent the onset of painful conditions. Even if you think you are in good condition I can guarantee you will feel an improvement after a session of Tui Na. Having a session will relieve any tension in your body and as it works on the meridians related to your organs you will always feel more relaxed and energised than before.